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HTTPMail Proxy Blueberry HOT version (Last Updated:2004/11/20)

Latest version :

Blueberry HOT Supports Web-Based-Mail-Services below.



    This software enables you to retrieve messages from your web-based mail accounts using your favorite MUA(e-mail client).
    You need not visit the site to retrieve the messages any more.

Latest Plugins


    Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

    It is very easy to install.

  • Zip type

      Extract bbhot*.zip in your favorite directory and create a shortcut for bbhot.exe on the Desktop.

      *  depends on the version

  • Selecf extracting type (*.EXE)

      (Step1) Run bbhot*.exe and follow the instruction of extraction program.
      (Step2) Create a shortcut on the Desktop for bbhot.exe.

      *  depends on the version

    Thats all!


    Every *.dll files included in the archive of Blueberry HOT must be existing in the same directory where the bbhot.exe is installed.


    This program can work as a service program on Windows 2000/XP.
    When you want to start this program as a service session, once you must register this program as a service.

    To register this program as a service program,

    type in cosole window as

    bbhot.exe /service

    after finishing every settings.


Bluebery HOT is using "WinInet module" of "Microsoft" to access web-site. It related to the "Internet Explorer".
So , The settings of "Internet Exploler" influence the behavior of Bluebeery HOT.

When your setting of the Security level of "Internet Exploler" is higher than middle level , Bluberry HOT can't access to some web-mail site.
For example mail.com.

To avoid this problem , You need to register the web-mail site where you have an account as a "Trusted Site" using "Internet Exploer" security option.

Operation: [Menu] -> [Tool、E> [Setting]

  • Proxy

    • Enable Proxy

        When you using a HTTP proxy server ,check this.

    • Server

        This is a HTTP proxy server name.

        When you checked [Enable Proxy], you must fill here as below.


  • Listening Port#

    • POP

        Blueberry HOT listen this port# for POP3 protocol.

    • SMTP

        Blueberry HOT listen this port# for SMTP protocol.

  • TimeOut

    • POP
        Time out for POP3 protocol.
    • SMTP
        Time out for SMTP protocol.
    • HTTP
        Time out for HTTP protocol.

  • Options

    • Protocol Log:

        When you need protocol log files,check this.
        Blueberry HOT make a protocol log file in a day, and delete it after 7 days.

  • Settings for your MUA(e-mail client)

    • Settings of POP Server

      • POP Server


      • POP Port#

          POP Port# that Blueberry HOT is listening.

      • User-ID

          Your Web mail address.

            www.mail.com and usa.com is special

              Your mail address(replace @ to #)@mail.com

              Your mail address(replace @ to #)@usa.com

            zzn.com is also special


            RSS is also special

              RSS URL@rss


              • Leading http:// of URL is not required.
              • Multiple URL must be separated by ;.


              • http://apan.cnet.com/rss/index.rdf@rss
              • apan.cnet.com/rss/index.rdf@rss
              • apan.cnet.com/rss/index.rdf;bulknews.net/rss/rdf.cgi?Asahi@rss


          • blueberry@hotmail.com
          • blueberry@msn.com
          • blueberry@yahoo.com
          • blueberry@yahoo.com.tw
          • blueberry@yahoo.fr
          • blueberry@gmail.com
          • blueberry#usa.com@mail.com
          • ayanoakira#blueberry@zzn.com

      • Password

          Your Web mail password


          RSS : Your computer name. (You can check the Computer name "Control Panel ->System".)

    • Settings of SMTP Server

      • SMTP Server


      • SMTP Port#

          SMTP Port# that Blueberry HOT is listening.

      • SMTP Authentication

          Blueberry HOT requires SMTP Authentication to send messages for security.
          Supported SMTP Authentication types are LOGIN and CRAM-MD5

          • Hotmail.com

            • SMTP User-ID

              Your Web mail address.

            • SMTP Password

              Your Web mail password.

          • yahoo.com

            • SMTP User-ID

              Your Web mail address.

            • SMTP Password

              Your Web mail password.

          • gmail.com

            • SMTP User-ID

              Your Web mail address.

            • SMTP Password

              Your Web mail password.

          • zzn.com

            • SMTP User-ID

              Same as POP ID.

            • SMTP Password

              Your Web mail password.

          • mail.com

            • SMTP User-ID

              Same as POP ID.

            • SMTP Password

              Your Web mail password.

List Plugins  &  Preferences for each plugins

    「Setting、E>[Plugin] show this screen.

    You can check installed plugins & also check the version of plugins.

    When you press [Preferences] button, It shows a screen for setting preferences of selected plugin in the list.


      Not every plugins supports setting of preferences.


    For safety, Bluberry HOT does not delete deleted messages. It only moves mesages to the Trash . So, You should visit the web-sites and emty the Trash box or delete old mails from the Trash box.(once a week is recomended)


This software is a Share Ware ( 50 USD ), you can evaluate this program while 10 days without registration.
After evaluation date expired and when you want to register to this program , please visit the online registration site at Online Registration (Kagi.com) .

HTTPMail Proxy Blueberry HOT  (ZIP)
HTTPMail Proxy Blueberry HOT  (Self Extracting EXE)


Before registration , you can not send messages by this program except hotmail.com.

Update History

  • 2004/11/20
    • For hotmail
  • 2004/08/19
  • 2004/08/19
    • Preferences for each Plugins are enabled
  • 2004/08/15
    • Support smtp for yahoo.com.* (all yahoos in the world)
  • 2004/08/08
  • 2004/04/17 v3.41
  • 2003/08/09 v3.31
  • 2003/08/09 v3.30
  • 2003/08/06 v3.21
  • 2003/02/14 v3.10
  • 2003/04/20 v3.20
  • 2003/02/09 v3.09
  • 2003/02/04 v3.08
  • 2003/01/26 v3.07

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