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It will be closed for a while.
cannot stay at this hotel.
You cannot make a reservation.
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Private Hostel Jofukuji@Youth House
Japanese Temple Inn
Jofukuji Youth Hostel is located in a traditional
Japanese temple called Jofukuji.

Accommodation is within the temple itself.

It is located near a seaside town where you can@
still see old Japanese scenery that is well preserved.
You can watch the sunset sun from a temple.

The sunset sun which sets in the sea

impressive very beautifully.
You will be impressed by splendid scenery
This is the entrance to the hostel, or as we would like to say the "house of the traveler"

We hope that guests will be pleased with the accommodation.
Jofukuji Temple is a working temple and still conducts prayers.

The Buddhist priest who built the
the Rakan Temple at the Iwami Silver Mines also built this temple
IIn the morning and evening, you can hear the temple bell ring.

If you wish, you may sound this bell anytime you wish.

The temple bell is to pray for your heart's-ease.
The rooms are Japanese-style.

You spread your futon in the tatami room each evening.

This room is the best room
The temple is located on the outskirts of the UNESCO World Heritage Iwami Ginzan Sliver Mine
Silver from the mine was shipped from this port.

The silver which was shipped from here
contributed to the modernization of Europe

This once bustling port is now a quiet inlet
The mountain from which the silver was mined was commended for its ecologically friendly mining, as such it still resembles a an untouched mountain.

Old traditional houses are well preserved and you can still see remnants of the old days.

This site became well known throughout Europe for its silver production

From JR Nima Station, 20 minutes walk

After arrival at Nima Station,
please call me

I will pick you up.
It will be closed for a while.
cannot stay at this hotel.
You cannot make a reservation.
I'm sorry.

AddressF Nima 1114, Nima, Oda, Shimane Japan 699-2301