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Sapphire tube polished sapphire tube big sapphire tube one end closed sapphire tubes

Optostar Ltd. supplies a variety of sapphire tubes, rods, and crucibles.Inside diameters are from 0.5mm to 50mm. Lengths up to 300mm. Tubes closed at one end are available.

For polished tubes, inside and outside as well as both ends can be polished at Mil80-50 (I/D 2-15mm)

In addition, the parts listed below can be produced. Please ask us if you need complex shapes of items.

Sapphire tube inventory (As of Sep. 5, 2019)
No. Item OD ID Length Surface condition
1A Sapphire tube 21.2mm 11.8mm 63mm As grown
2A Sapphire tube 3mm 1.5mm 100mm As grown
3A Sapphire tube 3.5mm 2mm 270mm As grown / One end stopped
4C Sapphire tube 30mm 25mm 38mm As grown
5B Sapphire tube 8mm 6mm 194mm Outside polished
One end closed
6B Sapphire tube 15mm 8mm 108mm As grown
7A Sapphire tube 16mm 15mm 50mm As ground
8C Sapphire tube 4mm 3mm 100mm As grown
9 Sapphire tube 11mm 9mm 37mm As grown
10 Sapphire tube 51mm 46mm 31mm As grown
*Please note that some small chips may be found on some inventory items.
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sapphire wafers sapphire tubes sapphire lenses
+Sapphire substrate(Wafer)
+Sapphire window
Circle or rectungle shape
Single or double side polished(MIL)
A-plane, C-plane, R-plane

2-inch sapphire wafer, 3-inch sapphire wafer, 4-inch sapphire wafer, 6-inch sapphire wafer
(Max.: Diameter 30cm)
Rectungle lemgth :From a few mm to 30cm / Thickness :From 100um to a few centimetric
(Depending on sizes and orientations)
+Sapphire tube(pipe)
+Sapphire rod
+Sapphire cell(Box)
Inside and outside can be polished(Depending on shapes)
Tubes ID from 0.5mm to 50mm,
Max. length about 800mm
One end closed, lens or nozzle shaped parts can be produced.
+Spheric, hemisphere, dome shapes of sapphire
+Sapphire lens
+Special parts
From a few miri metric to a few dozens of centi metric in length depending on shapes
Ask us with the drawing

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