Teturo KAMAE

Nationality: Japanese
Date of Birth: 25 October, 1941

Curriculum Vitae

Graduated from Department of Chemistry: Tokyo University, March 1965
Master of Science in Mathematices: Tokyo University, March 1967
ph. D. in Mathematics: Osaka University, Sept. 1973
Research Officer: Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 1967--1968
Research Assistant: Department of Applied Mathematics, Osaka University, 1968--1972
Lecturer: Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University, 1972--1974
Associate Professor: Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University, 1974--1985
Professor: Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University, 1985--2005

Professor: Faculty of Economics, Matsuyama University, 2005--2010

Researcher: Osaka Metropolitan University (changed the name from Osaka City University in 2023)

Advanced Mathematical Institute, 2012-- (present position)


List of Papers

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