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Anti-shock glass wafers
Chemically strengthened glass

While it is impossible to produce truly breakproof glass, it is possible to improve its shock resistance. Chemical toughening methods are a cost-to-performance solution for strengthening normal glass substrates. In this way, one of the main chemical components of sodium (Na) in glass surface area is simply replaced with potassium (Ka), using automatically heat controlled chemical tanks. The resulting anti-shock performance is nearly 5 times greater than for ordinary glass; thus, it can be used in many applications like display-cover plates, touch panels, instrumental-cover glass, and wafer substrates for making HDD or magnetic memory disks. Our mass production line is available for any type of glass materials up to 30cm in length.
AR coatings on wafers
Fringe without AR coating reflects
Anti-reflective Coatings

We provide anti-reflective coatings for glass, fused silica, sapphire, germanium, and other crystal wafers and substrates, increasing their transmittance up to 99.5 percent or more. When you are designing new optical products, please consult us to draw upon our extensive experience to support your production.

Patterns on silicon material
Micro-abrasive blasting

We use microabrasive sandblasting processes on all material we provide, such as for wafers of silicon, glass, fused-silica, and sapphire. This microabrasive machinning enables us to realize complex and precise micro-order holes, channlels, walls, trenches or various patterns on wafers used for semiconductor or MEMS devices -- difficult to achieve using laser or ultra sonic machinningapproaches.
+Typical object thickness:About 0.1-1mm
+Above pictures: Holes Dia150um, Slit width 300um (Under 100um is possible depending on conditions)
+Wafer double-sided process is available

We sell specially worked glass and fused silica. Using precision equipment, we can make highly precise straight or angled holes, grooves, or gaps on glass or fused-silica wafer substrate. You can request plane or wedged glass changes to instrumental cover glass or other small mechanical parts used for medical equipment or lighting systems. You can specify almost any kind of glass material even for small projects.

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