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Crystal Wafers with Micro and Nano process
sapphire wafer
fused silica wafer
(SiC) Silicon Carbide wafers (A wide gap semiconductor material, 2-inch and 1cm x 1cm wafers are available)
Comopared with silicon based semiconductor devices, future semiconductor devices produced with silicon carbide wafers have higer frequency performance as well as better torelance in temparature and pressure values.
Polytype 6H 4H
Plane orientation o0001p o0001p
Dopant and surface N-type
Single side as polished
Single side as polished
Wafer size Square 10x10mm Square 10x10mm
Wafer thickness 500 um 500 um
Resistivity 0.03-0.12 Ohmcm 0.03-0.12Ohmcm
Micropipe density <200 <200
Edge exclusion
Flatness orientation
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(ZnO) Zinc Oxide wafers (A wide gap semiconductor material, 1cm x 1cm substrates are available)
Zinc Oxide is one of the potentially promised materials to produce echological semiconductor devices. Currently we provide double-surface polished substrates that sizes as 10mm x10mm x 0.5mm.
Orientation {0001} Zn-plane, {000-1} O-plane +/-30
Material and surface Hydrothermally grown ZnO single crystal
Both surfaces, Zn and O-plane as polished
Wafer size Squared shape 10 x10 x0.5mm
(With flatness at two corners; 2.45mm and 3.96mm)
Ask us for more details. We support you using ZnO for your research.

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ZnO wafers
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