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Crystal Wafers with Micro and Nano process
sapphire wafer
fused silica wafer
10-pc package sale /Semiconductor-grade 4-inch silicon wafers
Single-crystal silicon wafer
(P- or N-type)

silicon wafers
2-inch to 6-inch wafers
Single-crystal silicon wafer
(single-side polished)
Single-crystal silicon wafers, 4-inch/ Standard spec

Wafer Material Single-crystal silicon (CZ method)
Type P-type or N-type (doped with B or P)
Resistivity P-type1-20 Ohm cm, N-type1-20 Ohm cm
Wafer Diameter 4-inches (100mm +/-0.5mm)
Wafer Thickness 525um (+/-25um)
Orientation <100>
Primary flat Primary and secondary
Surface Single-side polished (Ra<=5-10A) TTV. BOW<=10um
Packing 10 pieces packed in a plastic container
Delivery About 7 days, Sent from Tokyo, Japan via FedEx
Payment By bank transfer in US dollars and Euros
The typical sizes of silicon wafers used for semiconductor devices in the industry are from 200mm(8-inch) to 300mm(12-inch). Nevertheless, many university or corporate researchers still have a need for smaller silicon wafers (less than 100mm(4-inch) in diameter); therefore, we specialize in sales for those 2- to 6-inch silicon wafers.

The surfaces of the silicon wafers can be polished at epitaxy-ready grade. Please send the necessary specifications if you need wafers other than standard varieties listed.
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