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sapphire wafer
We provide high purity UV-grade fused-silica (quartz glass) wafers. The UV-grade fused-silica performs high optical transmission in certain UV area as well as its low heat expansion. Having high purity and precisely polished surfaces, our UV-grade fused-silica wafers can be used for lithography system or electronic and semiconductor applications. Normally, these UV-grade fused-silica wafers are provided double side polished. The maximum diameter is about 200mm and normal thickness are between 0.3-1.0mm. In addition our wafer-polishing technology enables to fabricate special thin thickness wafers down to 0.1mm. Polished borosilicate glass wafers are also available in similar dimensions including special thin wafers. Please try quality fused-silica wafers and substrates in your research.
sapphire specs Standard 2-inch fused-silica wafer product
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fused-silica wafers
fused silica wafer
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