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Crystal Wafers with Micro and Nano process
sapphire wafer
We offer CaF2(single-crystal calcium fluoride)lenses. CaF2(single-crystal calcium fluoride) is suitable material for deep-UV lithography lenses used with excimer lasers. We can provide large diameter as ground material or as polished CaF2 lenses (diameters over 300mm)

We also offer polished substrates, lenses, and windows of Ge (single- crystal germanium). Single-crystal germanium is very useful material for a variety of IR applications as well as for electronics and semiconductor wafers. We can provide complex shapes for lenses and plane-polished substrates including N-type or P-type doping.
* We produce other crystal products such as Si and quartz crystals upon request (plane- and wedge-polished substrates, special lenses).Please contact us for details.
Crystal size Max Diameter Max Thickness Feature
CaF2 300mm 60mm Excimer grade, VUV, UV, VIS
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Germanium & CaF2
fused silica wafer
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