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Crystal Wafers with Micro and Nano process
4-plane selective epitaxy-ready polished sapphire wafers (Sale as many as 3 wafers)
The use of precisely polished wafers can be a valuable addition to your research projects.
2-inch sapphire wafer
a-, c-, m, or r-planed sapphire wafers
"Single-side polished at epi-ready grade"

A,C,M,R planes sapphire wafers

a, c, m, r plane selective 2-inch sapphire wafers

Wafer Material High-purity synthetic single-crystal sapphire
Wafer Diameter 2 inches (50.8mm +/-0.05mm)
Wafer Thickness 430um (+/-25um)
Orientation a-plane, c-plane, m-plane, r-plane, or any combination of them
Primary flat 16mm (+/-0.5mm)
Surface Front side: Polished at epi-ready grade / Back side: Fine ground
Roughness,etc Ra <=0.2nm, TTV/Bow<=10um
Packing Each wafer is packed in a hard case
Delivery Each wafer is packed in a hard case
Payment By bank transfer in US dollars and Euros

inquiry Request a quote (Please specify the planes you want)

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a-, c-, r-, and m-plane 2-inch sapphire wafers are available
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