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Crystal Wafers with Miro and Nano process
Super thin UV Fused-silica wafers
(We sell polished wafers for the thicknesses are less than equal 100um)

For some wafer users, there is always a need for super thin polished wafers that consist of fused silica, optical glass or sapphire materials. It would be great improvement of efficiency if you could use such super thin wafers from the beginning of products development or researches.

For example, we are preparing 100um super thin fused silica wafers at a quality polishing level without making any cracks. We can meet your request by providing such items from a small number of lots to a factory levell of mass production. Please try our super thin polished wafers if currently your research or production line has a technical limit by the wafer thinning process. We might solve your problem by providing our super thin wafers made of a specific material you use

Small Wafer
The other option that we are providing is free-size Small Waferes. Most wafer suppliers can only offer their standard inch-size wafers, which restrict your free designes or ideas before the actual development or experiment. Please contact us for Dia 10mm, 15mm 20mm or any other sized wafers, if they bring you much better sollutions. Single crystal silicon, sapphire, glass and fused silica are the main materials we cut down for this purpose.

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10mm x 10mm cut wafers
Si (5-pc package)
10mm x10mm small wafers for laboratory use

We sell 10mm square small wafers that consist of silicon, sapphire, UV-grade fused-silica and several types of optical glass. If your preliminary research or experiment requires a selection of those unique materials, our cut-down pieces would be the most suitable items for that use.

Currently we can make quick deliveries with the following 10mm square small wafers.

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Silicon Wafer (Single SIde Polished)100-plane

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Silicon Wafer (Single SIde Polished)100-plane, Thermal Oxide 200nm

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Silicon Wafer (Single SIde Polished)100-plane, Thermal Oxide 90nm

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Spphire Wafer (Double Side Polised) c-plane

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Fused Silica Wafer (Double Side Polished)

■ 10mm square T 0.1mm Fused Silica Wafer (Double Side Polised)

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm Germanium Wafer (Double Side Polished) 100-plane Nondope

■ 10mm square T 0.5mm MgF2 Wafer (Double Side polished)100-plane

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