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International Supplier for Optics, Semiconductor, MEMS and Chemical/Biological Applications
Optostar Ltd. is a Japan-based international material supplier, providing optoelectronic and semiconductor substrate wafer products since Y2004. We pride ourselves on being a speedy and cost-effective supplier in world's wafer(substrate) market. Thanks to increasing demand for speedy fabrication in substrate wafer products for semiconductor, optoelectronic, MEMS and other applications, we are greatly expanding our exporting sales in 2- to 8-inch fused silica (quartz glass) and borosilicate glass wafers as well as single-crystal items like sapphire wafers. Nowadays, we provide very thin polished glass, fused-silica and silicon wafers mainly for research applications. By providing those high-precision-fused-silica, glass, and crystal wafers, we contribute to the international development of the state-of-the-art devices in optoelectronic, semiconductor, MEMS and other industries.

Single-crystal synthetic-sapphire wafers, substrates, windows
UV-Grade fused-silica wafers, various materials of polished-glass wafers
(e.g. low expansion borocilicate wafers, low alkali or alkali-free wafers)
Polished crystal wafers (substrates) / Ge(germanium) / InP(indium phosphide),etc.
Instrumental cover glass
Chemically tightening for glass wafer and glass substrate
Anti-reflective coatings for glass, sapphire, and fused-silica wafers and substrates
Small Wafers / Super thin wafers / Sapphire, Silicon, Glass and UV fused-silica
10wafer package /UV-grade polished fused-silica wafers
Sapphire wafer/ Epitaxy-ready polished A-, C-, M-, and R-planed wafers

Crystals & Wafers to the World
Wafers(Substrates) Tubes/Rods Windows/Lenses Polishing/Coating LASER
sapphire wafer
fused silica wafer